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Portable Vacuum Sealer

Portable Vacuum Sealer

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Unlike Many Vacuum Sealers, heat sealing is a step in the process and often leads to air leaks if not done properly. The portable vacuum sealer allows you to be worry free of air leaks with a double layer clamping chain. 

Vacuum sealers typically require manually cutting bags, limiting their reusability. The portable vacuum sealer allows you to re-use the bags without a limited number of times. 

Corded vacuum sealers makes them required to be used in fixed location with limited movement area. The portable vacuum sealer allows you to charge and use it on the go. You could even seal your leftovers after a picnic!


Size Information:

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Product Information:

Layout diameter: 5.5CM
Rated power: 2.5W
Rated voltage: 5V
Packaging volume: 58mm*58mm*118mm
Shell material: ABS
Weight: 145g
Product Category: Vacuum Machine
Power supply: USB
Function: vacuum

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